Ah! My eyes… I can’t see. What-, what happened. Why can’t I see anything…? Wait, I hit my head. Och! Ouch, that hurts… Is it bleeding? I can’t tell, I can’t see me hand in front of my face. What’s going on? I hear a rooster crowing in the distance. It must be morning. But, then it should be seeing light, I should be able to see… Oh no! No! I remember it all now. My eyes! They took out my eyes!

I knelt down on the cold, stone floor of the cell in which they had cast me, holding my hands over the bloody sockets where my eyes used to be. I was blind. Oh, how did I ever end up like this.. Wait-, I remember. It was that woman, Delilah.

She asked me about my power, my great strength. She plagued me, day in and day out, over and over, constantly until I was to the point of killing myself. When I could take it no more, I told her, it was my hair. If she cut my hair I would be as other men, no great strength, no supernatural power. So she cut my hair and set the Philistine dogs upon me. I didn’t want to tell her, but I couldn’t help myself, I would have died if I had to listen to one more day of her nagging.

So, the Philistines took me, bound me, gouged out my eyes, and threw me in a cell. The cowards. So, here I sit, in a stinking cell. Blood is falling from where my eyes once were, and I have this overwhelming sense of failure. I’ve failed my God. I have been selfish, self-centered, spiteful, and hot-headed. I’m sorry Lord, forgive me.

Clank! Clank! Someone’s turning a key in the door of this cell. Now footsteps, I hear footsteps.

“Hey, get your hands off me!” I flared back at the soldiers with my elbows, but there was no strength in them. I was helpless.

“Yeah, go ahead strong man. Not so strong anymore, huh?” A gruff voiced Philistine said as he delivered a hard kick to my side. I double over in pain, clutching my side with both hands and groaning. “Come on, freak, it’s time for the fun.” The soldiers laughed darkly, I could only guess what torment awaited me next. They grabbed me by my arms and drug me out of the cell. So, this was the end.


When I awoke, my head ached again and I could hear the sounds of laughter and jeering all around me. My arms were spread apart and my wrists were chained to pillars. I could wrap my arms around the pillars, they were that close to me. Cold voices of merriment and drunken babbling echoed around me. I was in some kind of stone structure, flat roofed based upon how loud the room was. Sound travelled rather quickly here. I heard voices above me also, but outside. There must have been men on the roof.

By the way everyone spoke to each other there were many prominent nobles here. I was sport to them, the big joke. Samson the mighty brought down by the great Philistines. What a show of arrogance against God Almighty. I turned my face to heaven and repented.

“God! Forgive me! Give me the strength to make things right…” I would have wept had I had eyes to weep with. I cried out with my whole heart. “Just one more, God. Give me one more victory that I may be avenged of my two eyes!”

As I cried out unto the Lord, I felt his power flow through me. The fibers of my arms and legs were awakened. Fire spread through my veins like acid, burning the weakness away, filling me with the power of The Living God. Bending my head down, I wrapped my arms around the pillars and leaned down, pulling the pillars with me. With all of my might I leaned against the pillars and broke them. The very foundation of the building crumbled, the roof collapsed killing every Philistine. Then, it was over.

The story of Samson is exciting from birth to death, but is by no means fulfilling. It’s seems to have no happy ever after to it. But, the words of Christ ring clear through Samson’s life: he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

He who lives for revenge, revenge shall be his end. Judges in the Bible did not serve the same purpose as judges do today. A judge in the here and now is a channel to pronounce penalties upon those who break the laws. Judges in the Bible did likewise, but also were the means of carrying out that judgment. 

Samson judged Israel with the sword, or the donkey’s jawbone, as he preferred. He was the means of enacting judgement. In his life he slew many cruel Philistines, but in his death, in his humbled and weakened state, he slew more than he did in life. Many prominent Philistines were killed that day and Samson was immortalized as the strongest man to ever live.

But, remember that living by the sword always comes with a price. In Samson’s case it cost him his life, in the most literal sense possible. Samson did not get to enjoy life, his adult years were spent drinking, having relationships, and killing. His wife was killed, he was constantly being hunted or nagged; his life is one that no man wishes to have, but he chose that life for himself. Actions always have consequences, but no matter how badly you fail, God can still use you; even if it’s going down in an avalanche of glory like Samson.

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–the anonymous novelist

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