In the world today, we are striving to bring an end to freedom, truth, and justice. We shout, “liberty! Equality! Freedom of Religion!”. But, the same freedom that gives us the power to worship as we please, has given others the power to stifle our freedoms with shouts of intolerance. 

When did Freedom of Religion mean, as long as that religion compromises for everyone? When did Freedom of speech mean, as long as no one feels offended by what you have to say? Even Freedom of the Press comes with the threat of slander, blackmail, and verbal persecution.

One might ask, “how can you kill God?”. But, deep inside we already know the answer. We can feel the deterioration of the standards this country was founded upon. The destabilization of our moral government has brought us into emotional and spiritual lockdown. We are afraid of the formal government of this country and hide away our convictions as more and more stories appear on the news of Christians persecuted by our judicial system for, “intolerance”. 

God is spirit. God is truth. He is an idea and a lifestyle; that lifestyle is slowly dying out. Christians are no longer acting like Christians. The light has been hid under a bushel, the salt hath lost its savor. We have become like the Laodicean church of old, water that is neither hot, nor cold. We are lukewarm and have been spat from the mouth of God. 

The idea of God-living is being replaced by other ideas and concepts. God is triune, He built mirrors of Himself into all of creation. The church is a pastor, deacons, (elders), and a congregation. Without one of these three the church would no longer function. The family is a father, (male), a mother, (female), and children. Without one of these three it is no longer a family. The human consists of body, (physical), soul, (emotional or metaphysical), and spirit, (spiritual, immortal essence of the human). Without one of these three, humans would not operate as humans and therefore would no longer be humans, but animals or robots.

Every time we try to redefine what God has already declared, “very good”, we push the knife deeper into the heart of God. Slowly killing every memory of Him, every thought of consciousness of His existence until He is dead to the world. We are killing God, and the day He dies, all morality flees the world and life itself will be no more.

In the beginning, God created everything, and it was very good. Then sin entered the world: lust, pride, selfishness, homosexuality, abortion, theft, hate, prostitution, corruption, murder, and lies. There may be no reversing the crash-course we have set for ourselves, but if there is hope for the world, it is in Jesus Christ alone.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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