Good morning everyone. That is of course supposing that you are reading this in the morning. Regardless, I am writing it in the morning; and a very good morning it is. I honestly had no intended direction or plan for this post until about 5 seconds ago, so it may be a bit weird today. Just hear with me and we’ll see if we can’t learn or laugh at something today.

To start with, I found this awesome new technology online the other day. It’s called the Epiphany onE Puck, and is an innovative power source to charge devices via USB port.


In the picture, what you see is both sides of the onE Puck. Essentially, the red face is heat activated and the blue is cold activated. Any hot or cold object, respectively, will charge the device and the device will then charge phones. The sensors are such that the Puck can even be used as a drink coaster whilst simultaneously charging your phone from the hot or cold elements of the drink.

So, the discovery of that was quite interesting. The concept is intruiging is it not? Well, the point of bringing this particular technology to your attention is because of statements the company has made in relation to their goals for the onE Puck. A Kickstarter publication video shows the intent of the company goes deeper than innovation in technology. Epiphany seeks to use their technologies for water purification to give aid to developing countries, no doubt for a price. They state in the video, that their new technology will bring a unity to the world. The goal of onE technology is to create a new world order, a one world government.

The idea of oneness, of a one world government… It’s just another scion of the end. Yes, call me a doom and gloomer, I am talking about the end of the earth. Automatically visions of a crazy old man who is cross-eyed with white Albert Einstien hair just jumped into your mind. For some reason, and I’m pretty sure I know why, people who speak of the end of times are considered crazy. And they are, they are fools, some for Christ, some for money, but anyone who is outspoken about the end of the world is utterly batty one way or another.

I believe Epiphany has good intentions, but their goals are the same goals as the coming one called Antichrist. It seems coincidental at the very least. I’m not saying that the company or the product is evil, I mean, how cool is a heat activated phone charger? 

Anyway, look at life, it’s fun, it’s exciting, it is completely stupid, and yet it is the only way to live; literally.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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