We are beings, created in the image of God, fashioned by the word of His mouth and given life. God does not create things in vain, everything He does has a purpose. The purpose of man is to worship his creator, to glorify, to praise and adore. We were made to love God and to love others, it is our purpose for living.

So, if the goal of our lives here on earth is to bring glory to God The Father, do we take that responsibility lightly? It is in our nature, the need to worship something greater than ourselves, something bigger, something more powerful. The quest of mankind is to find the Maker and to praise Him with our whole hearts. It is something built into our beings, we cannot live without a longing to serve and adore. Every wandering soul is looking for a place to belong, a person to love, and a God to live for.

For those of us who know the truth, who accept Jesus Christ as the Holy, Begotten Son of God, what does worship look like? Do we take it seriously as if it were the purpose of our existance, because it is. What if we lived for worship? What if everything we did was a means to an end? What if our days were filled with preparation for worship and the act of worship itself?

The Bible is the worship handbook, it inspires us to love and adore our God by revealing his power to us. By reading God’s Word and praying, seeking His face, we can glimpse His glory. What better reason could we ask for to praise Him with our song and dance?

What are we doing to prepare for worship? Are we diving into The Word to discover the awesome magnificence of our God? Are we looking for His second coming? Do we quiet our hearts and be still and know? He is God, He deserves more than we could every offer Him in praise and adoration. 

I find that I cannot make the songs I sing come alive to the audience, I cannot make them feel the lyrics if I do not feel them myself. If nothing happens inside me when I sing, how can I bring the joy, the hope, and the love to people if I don’t feel those same emotions inside of me. If I am not right with God, am I truly prepared for worship? If I am not prepared for worship, can I bring worship to others?

It is only when with a broken soul and contrite heart I come before His throne and bow, that any good can come of my vain and weak echoes of songs once sung. He comes first, praise reigns in our hearts, worship is our song and our joy, and the world notices God as the Creator and Lord of Life.

We were created to worship, made to love, and programmed to praise the Almighty. 

As always, thanks for reading. I do apologize for the lateness of this post. The scheduling went awry and I did not realize until now that it had not been published.

–the anonymous novelist

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