When you live your life on the road, not having a home to go back and forth to, no place to claim as your own besides a metal rectangle on wheels, you get used to leaving. I’ll just tell you, it doesn’t get any easier the more you do it. Leaving always hurts, many times we leave a part of us when we go.

Living on a bus, always on the move means that you don’t get to see your friends very often; by very often I mean maybe twice a year. Friends are the most valuable thing to me on this earth, I value my friends higher than my finances, my ambitions, my own personal needs and wants, and even my life itself: they mean everything to me. So, leaving is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

It’s strange that a person like me should be called to live a life of constant movement. Someone who desperately loves those whom God has placed in his life for companionship and comradary, should live a life of leaving.

I’ve learned to put God before everything else, then my friends are his concern, my life and happiness will follow how he wants them to. However, for me, departing is not only an issue of leaving the company of friends. I have decided recently to scrap the 40,000 word story that I had been working on for the last year and a half, for multiple reasons. Saying goodbye to so much hard work, and what I had thought was progress in my writing career was a difficult thing to do. I’ve not even begun the process of rebuilding and reforming yet for the new story, I haven’t had the mental prowess lately to do it.

The departing of something or someone beloved is never easy. In fact, I’d say that it gets more difficult every time you do it. For those relationships, those friendships grow whenever two people are together; the bond grows stronger between them making the saying of farewells that much harder. Not everything in life is  permanent, many times in the Old Testament a verse or chapter begins with the words, “And it came to pass”, it did not come to hang around forever, it came to pass. Some things are good for a while, but are never meant to stay.

However, other things are permanent, lasting and enduring. It is refreshing to know that there are some constants that we can lean on and depend on to always be there. The Love of God is a constant, He will always love us. Truth, right and wrong, good and evil, until the new heaven and new earth, until God wipes evil from existance, there will always be these things. We can count on them to never change, to always be around until the end of days.

Departing is hard, but rest in the assurance that God still loves you, the Bible is still Truth, and you have a responsibility and a calling to reach a lost world. God has never failed you and He’s not about to start now. Trust Him. Even when it’s not what you want, and not what you think is best: trust Him.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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