Through the years, great comic writers like Stan Lee, Jerry Siegel, and Bob Kane have immortalized the characters of their stories. Names like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, and the Fantastic Four are household names in America today. There is a common bond between these superheroes that is fascinating. Though most people will tell you they are all totally different, they are mostly the same. I’ll not make your decision for you, rather I am going to send these characters through a qualification test and you can see for yourself how much they are or are not alike.The first category is family. What kind of family did these super humans grow up into, you’d be surprised how much they are alike in his category.


Superman ✔️

Batman ✔️

Spiderman ✔️

Ironman ✔️


Captain America

Wolverine ✔️

Mister Fantastic ✔️

Invisible Woman ✔️

Human Torch ✔️

Thor ✔️

As you can see, the most popular superheroes here have no parents. Hulk and Captain America are the exceptions, though Captain America lost his parents by outliving them when he was frozen for 80 years, and Hulk, if you go by the original movies, killed his Dad. Superhero’s just have it rough.

How about personal life? How many superheroes died themselves and then were brought back to life?

Dead and Resurected:


Green Lantern


Green Lantern(died twice)



Captain America

Human Torch




And there are many many others, but these are the most famous, the most popular. Think about this, these are super heroes, most of which are super humans, whose goal in life is to save the world, or in most cases, their city. The most undervalued, under-appreciated, most hated of all people by most of the people they save. They are run ragged having to constantly save helpless people who show no gratitude.

Then, they die and its all over. All of the hate, all of the pain, all of the trouble they’ve been through to save the world, it’s finally over. They are at peace, they can rest. Then, someone brings them back. I can just hear them now.

What! No! I don’t want to come back, those people hate me. I can’t live a normal life! Don’t bring me back. Please!

Superheroes really do have it rough.

What about quality of life? Well, superheroes get to live the same scenario over and over and over again, most times the exact plot. It’s a monotonous life. They fight the villain, they save the town, no one knows they were in danger. The hero probably gets bored 9 days out of 10.

Every now and again the superhero will get the girl, but even that’s not a given. They are guaranteed no pleasure in life, only purpose yet still these heroes live and die, then live again… Then die again, for what?

Their friends also seem to have an astonishingly high mortality rate. Even some of the girlfriend’s of these heroes don’t last very long, Batman and Spider-Man can attest to that. And it isn’t as if this is “Tangled”, where a magic teardrop can bring people back to life. Most everyone, except the heroes themselves, gets one death and never comes back.

This isn’t just limited to superheroes, lots of fantasy characters are messed up. And the award for most dysfunctional family in fantasy goes to… Drum roll please: the Skywalker family.

Think about it, Anakin kills his wife and essentially orphans two children, Luke kisses his twin sister and they both are fighting against their father for the whole series, Anakin, who is Darth Vader kills his son’s mentor and father-figure then kills his mentor and ends up dying in the end anyway. I’d love to expound more on how this family simply doesn’t work, but you get the point. Luke, who ends up being the hero, looses his dad, looses the girl, which is a good thing because she was his sister to begin with, and they all live happily ever after? Well, you’ll have to wait for “Force Awakens” to find that out.

Heroes really have it bad. But maybe it’s not the job of the hero to win for himself. Maybe his only concern is others. A hero is servant, a hero lays down his life for others, a hero loves without condition, a hero does what’s right, no matter the cost.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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