From the title of this post, there would seem to be a conflict of ideals. I have been outspoken about the lack of perfection in us flawed mortals. Many times I’ve blatantly said that it is impossible to attain perfection. However, I have always meant perfection on a spiritual level, today I mean it in a much different way.

Let’s talk about birds. Yes, birds; feathers to be precise. A feather is more than a mode of flight for the bird, it performs another important function. A bird excretes and disposed of waste using its feathers. Toxins and the like, ammassed through the foods which the birds eat are disposed of by the bird placing those toxins in its feathers. When the bird sheds its feathers those toxins are removed, thus the feathers are not simply for flight.

The neatest fact about this process is the fact that the color of the bird’s feathers are defined by this removal of toxins. 

The filth defines the beauty of the beast.

The bird’s beauty is in its feathers, and the feathers get their beauty through the purging of the birds imperfections.

A flamingo is not pink because it’s feathers are innately painted pink, rather, it is pink because the toxins it releases by eating the food it eats make it pink. The original white feathers of the flamingo are made pink by the release of its toxins, it’s impurities and imperfections.

The same principal can apply to humans. Through Christ, we can be purged of our sins as we shed our mortal shell. The outward appearance, the stained glass walls of our house, the sin stained feathers of our hearts are the marks of our beauty and completion. In our imperfections we are made perfect, in our hideousness we are made beautiful. 

The bird sheds its feathers, the toxins are forgot as they fall away, but the return to sin is still there, the more feathers we possess, the more feathers we will stain with our imperfections. We cannot avoid sin, but the beauty of Christ’s Cross is that it turns our darkest, ugliest sins into the most lovely of patterns and colors.

The other interesting thing about bird’s feathers, particularly the peacock feathers: they have no color. Odd statement, seeing as how the peacock is known for its multicolor feathers. But, here is the interesting fact: peacock feathers reflect the light, and the light is their colors. The feathers are like a prism, tainted to refract light and claim its brilliancy for their own. Without the light, the feather would be drab and dull.

As believers in Christ, the Light, God Himself, is our power, our brilliancy, our beauty. We have no color, no light outside of Christ. As much as I hate clich├ęs, this post wasn’t really for you; it was for the birds.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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