There is something wrong, sickeningly wrong with the state of morals in the world today. A new ideology has arisen called Fixed Morality. In the words of an obscure philosopher, Fixed Morality is this:

“Some men are born evil, others are born good. The good of this life cannot change who they are, nor can the evil, it is their destiny to be pitted against one another and live their lives as enemies. No one can change who they are; they are who they were born to be.” 


This new concept that people are born either good or evil, that morality is something with every man has in different measures, is contrary to the very nature of Man as told in the Bible. Man is evil, his thoughts are only evil continually, but that is why he needs a redeemer, a savior. 

Now, to ensure that I do not contradict what I have said in previous posts, man cannot become pure evil, for to be evil is to not be pure and vise-versa. It is not for the finite to be utter evil, only to desire to be or aspire. I believe man is a neutral container, only reflecting and outliving whatever is put inside him. Yes, he has will, yes he has choice to select what is placed inside of him, but innately and from birth, that I living element has been evil:

Romans 5:14 (KJV)

Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come.

Death, the wages or penalty of sin reigned from Adam to Moses even over them who had not sinned. We are born with this evil, this death sentence innately. There are no Fixed Morals, there are moral laws, but each person has the choice to abide with or fall from them.

Now that the introduction is over, if like to get down to business and simply say, “What are we thinking!” There is a distinction between men and women, they are different. From the beginning God made it clear. We don’t think the same, we don’t act the same, praise God we don’t look the same. Intrinsically valuable to God in our own separate ways, men and women are different.

There was a protest for equal rights in Springfeild, MO a few days ago where women were ringing their tops in public and saying that men could walk around without a covering, why couldn’t they.

This isn’t just worst, this is sick. The form and figure of a woman is automatically appealing to a man. God made men and woman to be attracted to one another, and though in many ways that has been exploited and used as a tool of manipulation, it is still not a bad thing that we are drawn to one another by outward appearances.

This is going to sound rather vulgar or rakish of me, but, women, when you are immodestly or innapropriately dressed, it conjures up wicked thoughts in a man’s mind. The mind imagines more than the eyes see, it is a powerful tool that oft times works against us and our better intentions.

I assume that it works to the converse as well and that men, when shirtless or innapropriately attired stir unrighteous thoughts in a woman’s mind. Simply because a man does something does not mean a woman should do it also. Men fail more than they wish to admit, and because they do not wear shirts occasionally is no reason for a woman to do the same. It was wrong when the man did it, for a woman to it means that she is following him into sin; which by the way defeats her purpose for wanting to do it in the first place.

Women have tried to be like men to prove that they are as good as them, however, in most instances, they are only proving that they are as bad as them.

God made us different, God made us unique. We should stay that way. None of this transgender garbage, you cannot change what you are. Why would you even want to try?

I love you, and God loves you just the way you are. So be the best you you can be, for His glory.

As always, thanks for reading. 

–the anonymous novelist

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