If I were to say, “I live in a glass house”, what would be the first thing that you would think of?

Most everyone knows what the phrase means. If someone lives in a house made out of glass, everything they do can be seen by those passing by. People who live in glass houses have built their lives around themselves, their wealth, their career is summed up in them alone. They’ve made a living out of promoting themselves, and I have an entire sermon I could preach on that, but I will forbear.

Those who build glass walls around their lives find their security in money and fame, having no scruples about their lives being laid bare to the world. The walls of glass houses are meant to keep the person inside and keep everyone else outside with nothing to do but admire the person within. 

Your soul dwells in a glass house. The glass only prevents entry and intrusion, but it does nothing to conceal what is done behind the walls. Sin, all of the bad we do in life stains the walls with black and red marks, the once clean walls are now marred with the poor choices we’ve made. Our souls become dark and the walls of the glass house taint with envy, greed, hate, and pride. Soon, you cannot even clearly see the human being behind the glass. 

We try to clean the stains with the sponge of good works, but without the water of life, the dry sponge only smudges and makes the stains and marks worse. Nothing we do from the inside can cleanse our souls.

Soon, the colors are so thick on the glass, the paint of sin is so dense that no one can see our true soul past the stains of our evils. The good we do tries to clean the glass from the outside, but the stains are on the inside and the glass is too thick for us to break through and clean up our own lives. The stained glass house of our soul is marred, no longer pure and clean. We try to break out, but we built the glass house to keep us inside and God outside.

Finally, in desperation, we cry out to God. In an moment of grace His love breaks through the darkness, shattering the stained glass and embracing us. The glass house has been destroyed, the stained shards litter our soul with painful memories, God builds churches with shattered stained glass houses. 

The stained glass windows of a church are composed of the many stained lives that God pieced together to make a marvelous window through which we can glimpse His majesty.

Stained glass windows should remind us that though the scars and stains of sin remain, we no longer live in that stained glass house. We are free through Christ, and His blood now covers our lives. We are free from the confinement of our own insecurities.

How do you measure your life? Are your good deeds trying to redeem your bad? Have you been set free from the prison of your own making? Or are you living in a stained glass house?

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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