I was listening to a recording of my oldest brother Caleb preach on prayer a few nights ago, and this post sprang into my mind. What if prayer and its relationship with a sovereign God was like code? Now, I do not mean the spies and secret passwords kind of code, I mean computer code. 

I’ve become fascinated with computer coding in recent years and have begun a surface study of many different languages. I’m not even considered a novice in any of them, but the relationships between certain elements in code are interesting to parallel with things in life.

For example: If Statements. If statements basically state that, “If this happens, then this will happen”. These statements take parameters, and return values or verdicts. I’ll give you an example of an If Statement in code and then break it down for you.

Int user = 18;

If (user =>18) (

System.out.println(“User is under 18”);


The “Int” stands for integer, it establishes a value for the variable user. We now know that user, is equal to 18. Now that statement comes into play. If the user is under 18, the response is to automatically print out the words, “User is under 18”, on the screen.

When interacted with outside of the code, the actions programmed into the If Statement are automatic and immediate. This is the way it works with God in prayer. God is the great programmer, He built If Statements into the code of prayer. If we repent, humble ourselves, pray and seek His face, He will hear from Heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land; it completes the equation and it is sure, it’s already in the code. 

Prayer Has A Purpose:

When we loose faith in prayer’s power because we fail to see results we have weak faith. If we never interact with God, never speak with Him, never listen to Him, we are no longer interacting with the written code. All the conditional promises in God’s programming can’t be accessed if we’re not studying the code to find them, and not interacting with the code to receive them. If Statements take action on our part to be activated.

Constants And Variables:

In code, a constant is a container for information that seals once it is filled. That information is now constant and cannot be changed in normal execution of the program.

A variable is a container that remains open and stores information that can be changed in normal execution of the program.

Our prayers, our motives for praying are varied by the circumstances and situations we encounter in life. Our prayer life, when, why, and what we pray can change, can vary based on things in our minds and in our lives.

But, God the Holy Ghost intercedes to The Father on our behalf. His prayers in our stead are constant, consistent, they never change and they are always being offered up for us. They are constant, unchangeable by circumstance or situation.

The world is coded by the hand of God. Everything exists inside the programming of the creator. When we pray according to His Will, we pray inside the code and can then claim His promises and initiate His IfStatements. Then the blessings of God can be ours, because we understand the code.

How do you understand the code? You read the programmer’s manual.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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