Currently, all I need is commitment. I’m sick of my own lethargy, tired of being tired, and bored of my own disinterest. So, I’ve pledged to post to this blog more frequently to try and break this pattern of apathy under which I live and breath.
As a symbol of my new found commitment, this will be my second post in a week, a rarity, I know. But, I hope it will not be the last time I post out of cycle; or, rather I hope to create a new cycle.

The point here is, I can do nothing without Christ who strengthens me. There is no purpose in living if I’m not living for something or someone other than myself. So, what do we need? We all need something, and there is something we all need.

In the words of Jimmy Needham:

“I’m doing my best to hide my mess, but all we need is need. Working so hard on my righteousness, but all we need is need. I want a heart that’s open, a hallelujah that’s broken. All we need is need.”

Wouldn’t that fix it? If all we needed was need, to lay down our efforts and give our problems to God: our unrighteousness, our messed up lives, wouldn’t that solve everything? If we’re waiting around for something to change on its own, it never will. We need to recognize our need and ask God to help us.

For me, that wasn’t the end of the problem though. I could realize my want of commitment and love of laziness, I could even ask God to help me overcome those things. But, asking is not a fix for the problem. Nothing good comes without work on someone’s part. The solution to become productive was to do something and that required a voluntary action on my part to get up and get involved.

A song that Josh Wilson sings says:

“I won’t wait for some day, it never comes. This life is not mine, and it never was. Time to make a change, time to start living, not some other day, right this minute. I won’t wait, for someday, my life is yours. This is the day.”

When we recognize our need, we call out to God for help. He may not tell you what you want to hear, but He will tell you what you need to hear. Then we decide that the change takes place now, and we get up and do something for Christ. This is the day.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you should’ve done yesterday. Today is the day, now is the time. Not just in our personal lives, but as believers in Christ as well. We are called to go into all the world and preach the gospel, and today is the day to decide to obey.

I’ve made my choice, and today is the day I give up my selfishness and start living for someone else. What will you decide?

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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