There is a story about a boy who went out onto the beach after a tsunami had struck and left millions of starfish beached. The boy stood out there all day taking one starfish after the other, picking it up, and throwing it back.

A man saw him and asked the boy what he was doing. The boy replied
“I’m saving the starfish.”

The man looked down in pity and told him, “You can’t save them all.”

But, the boy bent down and picked one up, looked at the man and said, “I know. But, I can save this one.” And he threw the starfish back into the ocean, then continued about his work.

If you’ve heard this story before, it was probably told as a parable where you are compared to the boy. The message was likely that you need to be out there saving lost souls even if you cannot save them all, and to never let the enormity of the task discourage you. However, I’d like to take the approach that you and me, are the starfish who need saving.

I will have complete candor with you, and hope that my resolve will strengthen your own. 

Over the course of the last several months, I’ve chosen to voluntarily lay aside everything that has, up to this point in my life, taken preeminence over God. No more will I sit idly by and watch myself rot from the inside out. No more will apathy have grip on me and render me useless, careless, and indifferent. No more will I think of my desires as if they matter and place their importance over my perfectly planned future.

I’ve made a choice to lay down pride. Pride is something that you do not realize that you have a problem with until you examine yourself closely. Just thinking that you do not have a problem with pride is prideful. I’ve held onto an assumed superiority of mind and exerted that false supremacy over others in the foulest way. My pride has made me blind and weak; no more.

I’ve made a choice to lay down sarcasm and insincerity. You can never be taken serious if you are always sarcastic. This is something I have loved, something I have cleaved to for so long. I never realized how much it hurts others when they cannot trust your words until I stepped out of a sarcastic mindset and actually thought about the needs of others. I have been a slave to indifference; no more.

I’ve chosen to lay down the desires of my heart. What I once thought was righteous desire and according to God’s good plan for my life, was really just my plan for my life. I’ve been selfish, lustful after my own wants, I’ve played the pawn to my own will. The only way I can achieve my desires, is if they are also His desires. I’ve lived for myself since the day I was born; no more.

You are a starfish, ask, and you shall be saved. Surrender, and help will come to save you from certain death on the sand shoals of a forgotten beach.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist


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