Recently, the major department store chain, Target has went public with their decision to remove gender labels from children’s toys and ban blue and pink colors from personal items: clothing, toys, ect… Therefore stating that simply because a doll has in the past been considered a girl’s toy, a boy should have every right to play with it as well. They have further undertaken to remove the imaginary barrier that once separated the boys clothing section from the girls. 

These divisions are still separate sections that retain their, “Boy’s Clothing”, and, “Girl’s Clothing”, signs respectively; but the company has assured the news outlets that the signs are there for sizing and fitting differences only, and that they are not trying to convey the message that a boy cannot or should not wear a dress.

These blurred lines, this effort to go out of the way to promote so called “equality” and uphold a spirit of, “tolerance”, is nothing less than a deliberate announcement of where the company now stands on the issue of marraige. By the way, marraige has always been the issue, family has always been the issue. Regardless of what smoke screen is set up to distract us, the family has always been the target of Satan’s attacks. 

This new level of depravity we have achieved sends up cheers from the demons in Hell at a job well done. The distinction of male and female is a representation of Christ and the church. They are unique of one another and entirely different for a purpose. The love that a man has for a woman is a mirror of God’s perfect love for the church: His bride.

The fact that we have major businesses making concessions, more, they are blatantly bowing the knee to this new concept of a transgender human. It is a malicious perversion of truth, right, the laws of the universe and mankind, God’s laws, and is a direct attack on the family.

Family is in 3 parts, it is triune, even as God is triune. The family consists of a father, a mother, and a child or children. Without one of these 3 objects, it is not a family. 

To destroy this institution, this establishment ordained by God Himself, is of all evils one of the worst. To alter the perfect plans for family is to degridate and mar the very face of God.

Our genders are innate, they are us and we are them. Masculine or feminine traits are distinctive of men and woman respectively and are responsible for shaping their character, personality, lifestyle, emotions, and state of mind and consciousness. They are things we cannot escape.

Young boys play games like war, with sticks for swords or muskets. They naturally tend toward action, adventure, being strong and earning fame and glory.

Young girls like playing games like house and tea party. They are not much interested in saving the world or flying an imaginary jet through an enemy airspace. 

The distinctions make them who they are, though many people will say that it’s close minded or archaic to think this way. These same kinds of people will enforce their beliefs on their children, making them do things against their nature, just to, “prove”, that people have different tendencies and should be tolerated and accepted in spite of them.

Young men wear woman’s jewelery such as earings, however, it’s always been a sign of defiance to do so. It is a sign of rebellion against social standards and distinctions to show that the person can do what he wants. But, you’ll notice that young men who do that, don’t do so to look more like a girl, they do it to prove how much of a man they are.

These are natural and innate tendancies, you cannot escape them, they are a part of you, regardless what the media says, what society says, or what the government, (operating outside its given boundaries and jurisdiction), says.

We cannot fault business like target for conforming to the new movement of the world. Businesses do what they have to, in order to stay alive they change with the times. The business are not as wrong as the times which cause them to conform are. This world is sick, this nation is sick, and the only medicinal cure for its illness is become illegal. 

You are who you are, and you cannot change that; no one can. God made you a certain way for a certain purpose. To be anything else is to reject His perfect plan for you life.

As always, thanks for reading, and be who you were created to be, nothing more, nothing less.

–the anonymous novelist

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