For the past several days I have been hard at work uploading my family’s newest CD to digital download platforms. I am excited to tell you all that it is now available!

This project was fun to record, the entire family got together to make it happen. Who knows how many more times that will happen. It is rare nowadays that Caleb and his family, and Gabrielle and Robin are with us at the same time. God gave us 16 years together before Caleb left, and another 3 years before Gabrielle left. I don’t know what plans God has for the rest of us, but I do know that this ministry has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people.

Some of you may know this, but I have been travelling and singing with my family since I was 4 months old. I’ve never know anything else. This ministry has been my life, I have grown up with it and therefore have a love for it and a desire to see it continue. I’m grateful for the blessings God has bestowed upon us thus far, but just because we are doing what God want us to do, doesn’t mean we are exempt from problems. In fact, I’m inclined to think that living in a metal rectangle magnetically attracts problems of all kinds.

Point in case: we got back from Uganda in the middle of last month and took a few days to cool down and recollect our senses; after which we were scheduled to sing about 6 hours away from where we were parked. Half way to our destination, something snapped, Dad found a mechanic garage that would check it out to see what had happened and how bad it was. Long story short… well, shorter, a stabilizer rod had broken on one of the back tires and could have resulted in the bus tumbling end over end off of the highway. Needless to say, we weren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Without a bus, and a concert to get to, we checked around for a rental car that would get us there, but no one, literally no one had anything. Turned out, another group that was on their way to the same event had stopped to get their air conditioning units fixed and were able to swing by and give us a lift to the event. Living in hotels for the next several days til we eventual got the bus back after about a week was an interesting, but not uncommon feeling. Things like this just happen, and that’s what keeps life interesting, exciting.

Check us out on iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Xbox Music, Amazon MP3, Google Music Store, Shazam, our website, and several other platforms as well. Let us know what you think of the new album.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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