Love is the greatest deception the world has ever known. The single most deadly virus that humans have ever contracted. It is the most infectious, disastrous, and most vile epidemic to ever cross the face of this planet, and I’ll tell you why: love is no longer Love. Love, the thing, is no longer Love, the person. Love is feelings: passion, romance, attraction, thrill, or a cruel game to be played on the board of life, with the hearts of others, for the prize of satisfaction and mortal pleasure.

We need, desperately need, to define love. Before we do that, however, we need to introduce the two main characters in this love story, the lover, and the serpent.

Enter Antagonist: The Serpent-

Satan, the master of deception, the father of lies, and a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He is stealthy in all his ways, his pride is his downfall and his arrogance is his mantra.

Enter Protagonist: The Lover-

God is Love, and He demonstrated His love in that while we were thrusting the knife in His chest, as we were gouging out His eyes, as we drank His blood, and as we spat in His face, cursing His name: He died for us. 


Slow it down and read that again. Drink in the depth of what manner of outrageous love it took for The father of the World to die for His offspring who… hated… Him, who would gladly have killed Him over and over again in a thousand lives.

God’s love is not conditional, reactionary, or compulsive. His Love is irrevocable, undeserved, and in ways, is more repulsive to us, the carnal humans, than even the judgement and wrath we deserve. How can God continue to give when we continue to reject Him? What is this thing called love that would outlive death, forgive those who would curse it, and save its own enemies who try to kill it every breathing moment?

The glorified idol of “love” in our modern day is a mask for selfishness. Why would we love someone whom we knew would never return our love but would ridicule it and mock it? Why would we love someone for nothing in return? 

We marry for love, God forgive us, we barter for it, sell it, and steal it from others. In the world in which we are living, love is not God, love is self. We want to have what we want regardless of the cost to ourselves and others; never seeking the will of God for what He would want us to do with His Love.

And, who has set up love as a graven image in direct defiance of God? Satan, one might expect, that at least is the obvious answer, but Satan cannot make us do anything we do not wish to any more than God will make us do anything we do not wish to. True, Satan is the antagonist of this story, but that is not because He caused any of this convolution to occur, rather, because he encouraged it, planted it in our hearts and minds, slowly eroding the moral foundation of the world.
It is important to know who you are, and who you are in Christ, before you even consider loving someone. God is Love, so who better to teach you to love, to orchestrate your love, and to choose the perfect love for you? The goal of every Christian should be to better serve Christ in the way they love others, and to show the example of love in the way they treat the one God has for them.

A word of caution to all of you readers who are not married. Be very careful about guarding yourself against the common pitfalls of our generation. Love is something you don’t just walk into and out of, it’s something you fall into, and whether it be of God or of self, there is no undoing what follows. Be wise, protective, and an example of the perfect Love to others in the way you treat those around you, and in the way you treat yourself. 

A word of caution to those young and married. I have never been married, never even entered into a relationship with any young lady, but I have seen and experienced enough of these types of relationships to be qualified to caution others. Love, both selfish and God honoring love is dangerous when not regulated or taken in moderation. When two people fall deeply in love, they become each other’s idols. They live to please the other by their words and actions. This makes them both better people, no doubt, but where in the bible does it say that we are called to be good people? Only when two people love God more than they love each other can they truly accomplish God’s goal for marraige: a union to create a more powerful force  than an single person, for his glory.

Purity is underrated these days, and more so the demonstration of love through abstaining from actions that the world considers love. True love is found in long suffering, one of the fruits of the spirit, an evidence of Christ in you. God is, at this very moment, waiting for His bride. When you realize that since the dawn of the world, God has waited for you to love Him and longed for you to be with Him, it seems like no sacrifice at all to endure the wait of love down here.

Remember who you live for, and why He died. As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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