After getting back from a tiring, yet rewarding trip to Uganda, my family and I took the next few days to cool down. Then, after catching up on much needed sleep, we went one afternoon to see “Inside Out” in a local theater. 
Coming off the heels of a mission trip, my senses were acute, the opportunities for inspiration to be derived from this film were enormous. My analysis of the concept and themes of “Inside Out” was quickly formed in my mind. The unprecedented, and largely unrealized authority of our emotions over our actions is a staggering thing to be realized.

“Inside Out” centered around the concept of emotions governing our minds. What each, independent emotion did decided how its host behaved.

Our emotions: the seat of our personality and the on switch to our expressions. Emotions are powerful things, they effect our attitude.

Now, emotions are still controlled by the human, not vise-versa as portrayed in “Inside Out”. The emotions do determine our actions, but they do not dictate them. The brain ultimately presides over the emotions of a moral man. I’ve never liked the statement, “we decide our own destiny”, but it may be true to an extent. Obviously, what we do directs our future, but, can we chose what we are destined to do? Doesn’t that conflict with the truth that God has a plan for every person? If we are predestined for a purpose, how can our actions in life change that?

Very good questions all of those are, the ramifications to one’s belief based upon their answers are dynamic. It is not an intention of mine to give short and simple answers to any of those questions, and being that I am limited in the length of my content, I will not attempt to answer them at all. I feel my words would inadequately summarize the meaning of them. So, I will redirect the purpose of this post back to our emotions.

Now, I said that the brain controls the emotions in the hierarchy of the human spirit; I put a limiter on that statement by appending, “of the moral man”, to the end of it. I did so, because their are usurpers in the spirit which seek to overthrow the power of the brain. The chief of these radicals is the heart, the seat of the emotions of the immoral man. The heart can also, if we allow it, gain control of the emotions. The heart will manipulate our emotions to weaken us and destroy us from the inside. The heart has ever been the ultimate enemy of mankind.

Jeremiah 17:9 

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Now, both the heart and the brain are capable of commanding our emotions, however, there is one other area of the human that can control the emotions: the soul. The soul of man is his spiritual conscience. To allow the soul to command and control your emotions is to place them in the hands of God.

The sobering truth about emotions is that they are independent and living things. They are powerful and do greatly effect us humans in many ways. We must be wary and realize that what goes on inside of us is what we live out. So guard your heart, keep your mind in check, and give your soul, give God control of your emotions. 

Here is a song by one of my favorite Gospel music groups. This Song is powerful and prudent for the message of today. As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

  1. Thanks for posting, Jared. I have heard great things about “Inside Out” but have yet to watch it! If you liked “Inside Out” you probably will enjoy “The War Within” by House of Grace Films – we saw it at the CWVFF this year and it is quite thought provoking. (Judging by your family’s interest in movies, you have probably already seen it.) 🙂

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