NEWS HOST: Welcome everyone to the farewell broadcast of AMNN. Now stay in your seats and when you stop yelling for joy, I’ll continue…. Thank you all for a wonderful year, it’s been great. I’m going live to Bob, who if you haven’t figured it out by now, is a single person, if a bit schizophrenic. Bob, tell us what you’ve learned.
BOB: Hello, Jared. It’s good to be back on the air. As I was riding behind them on a jump seat– a seat that folds out from the one beside it, blocking the aisle and leaving the passenger no leg room–, I overheard Michelle Allen talking to Mike Cash about how everything came to be in Uganda. 

MIKE: So, this is y’all’s third time in Uganda? Or fourth?

MICHELLE: This is mine and Todd’s fourth.

MIKE: How did you pick Uganda?

MICHELLE: January of 2011 we just felt like God was calling us here. We were singing at a church in Arizona and the pastor had been taking trips to Uganda. He recommended it to us. 

BOB NOTE: That pastor actually helped establish CDI, the organization that Todd Allen Family Ministries works with in Uganda.

MICHELLE: Todd and I took a vision trip later that year and we just knew that was where we needed to be. We have been coming back ever since.

BOB: I was able to talk to Michelle earlier, or rather, overhear her talking earlier and this is what she said.

MICHELLE: I have always, since I was a little girl, wanted to be a missionary in Africa. Now, God has made my dream come true.

BOB: So, that’s how everything came to be. 

NEWS HOST: Intriguing… How was you day Bob?

BOB: It was long, and it’s still going. Technically, if we’re going by waking hours, this day won’t end for another 30. The plane flights are a total of 19 hours, and because of the time zone difference, we get back on the afternoon of the day we left. So, that day will have to be lived out again, and when all is said and done, it turns out to be about a 42 hour day.

NEWS HOST: Mathematically, that just doesn’t sound right… How are you figuring 42 hours?

BOB: We woke up at 6:00 this morning, it’s 8:30 now; that’s 14 hours. We fly out at 1:00, from now ’til then is 3 hours. The flights are 19 and once we land, it’s another 6 before nightfall. 14+3+19+6=42, that’s a really long day.

NEWS HOST: Oh, I agree. I hope you enjoy it, I’ll be sleeping for 21 of those hours at least. So, what else is there to tell about the day, other than its length?

BOB: Well, the entire team, plus Sam and his family, took a morning Safari today, and then went up to Murchinson Falls. Which is a 21 foot water fall on the Nile River.   

 It was the first time Sam and his family had ever done anything like this before. Last night we had taken a river safari, that was the first time Sam’s wife Ruth had ever been on a boat. It was a neat experience for everyone, and we saw some great stuff.
NEWS HOST: How is everyone holding up?

BOB: To be honest, we’re all pretty tired. Everyone is missing home, some more than others. Isn’t that right, Wes.

WES: ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…

BOB: Yep, we’re tired alright. But, it’s a good tired, we know that we did what we came here to do, and are fulfilled. 

NEWS HOST: Well, that’s all for this year, folks. It’s been great. If you’d like information of the work going on in Uganda, or would like to go with The Allen Family on a trip, click here. Thanks for tuning into AMNN. I’m Jared Allen, signing off.

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  1. Welcome back to the past! (though it WILL be in the future when you make it home) 🙂
    Thanks Jared for all the updates! It was good to keep up with all your travels while you were out and about…May the Lord bless you with safe travels the rest of the way home! 🙂

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