The trip has been long and productive. Friendships were made and strengthened, and we all have grown in our spirits. The weariness that now overtakes us is proof of our labor in the work of the Kingdom. 

The Kingdom…
Mikael drew his war hammer from its holster at his side. He hefted the weapon, tossing it upon his hand. Turning then, to face the evil creatures before him, he swung the hammer at the head of the army of Elis. His righteous weapon clove through the line of foul beings, driving the forces back. Beside Mikael stood his stalwart commander, Davin, whose quick blade had saved Mikael’s life on many occasions. Davin stepped up to the front of the battle lines and called all of his troops to the charge. 

The small group of warriors pressed through the throng of Elis, Dripe, and Aref, ridding the ground of their eternal evil. The prize was before them, the Kingdom: home. The warriors threw themselves into the fray with reckless abandoned. Westland took the lead standing by his sister, Marivale. They fought heroically, like their parents, the great Robar and Debira, who stood behind them with pride in eyes. Westland and Marivale were rising warriors and under the training of some of the fiercest soldiers alive. They fought back to back, protecting each other from the blades of the attackers. Then the rains came. 

Arrows as thick as rain began to fall, one caught Marivale in the leg and she went down. Marivale’s parents were there within seconds, tending her wound and speaking words of encouragement to her.

Another arrow struck a young man named Zachabin in the arm, disabling him for a time. Pamina, a healer by trade, but a warrior at heart stood up in his place and fought valiantly with weapons she was unaccustomed to. Vickela, or Crown Vik as she was called, scampered beneath the line of sight of the minions. Her height was so slight that she could go virtually unnoticed amongst the crowd of combatants. She may have been small, but the axe which she held in her hand felled more than trees that day. But, in spite of their valiant efforts, the arrows still came, striking others like Mikael. He simply bull roared through it and barreled deeper into enemy lines. But, if something was not done soon, the lines of the Kingdom Warriors would fall and crumble, bespeaking defeat and death for the villagers of the Outerlands.

As the next hail of arrows whizzed from the strings of a thousand bows, five massive shields went up above the group of warriors. The arrows glanced harmlessly off the slick hides of the shields and fell to the ground to be trampled under foot. 

Bob looked up to see who the saviors were. He saw Darv, Davin’s father and the Prince of Oak Grove, leading a shield army of reinforcements to the aid of the main troop. With Prince Darv were five of his strongest fighters, his daughter Rochelle, Anderar, Darryl, a young but powerful knight, and the husband and wife team of Rogan and Kari. 

These five troops, led by Darv held a wall of shields above the warrior troop to protect them from the fiery darts of the enemy as the warriors blazed toward the gates of the Kingdom.

Davin sounded the call and the flank of the minion army was hit by the clan of Alleis. The crazed norse people of the clan ripped through the minions, tearing down Elis, and cutting off the heads of Aref. Their bright claymores were brandished high as the fell upon the enemy with a hatred. The Alleis clan were many and fought for the protection of the Outlander children, whom these evil minions had waged war against.

The lines of evil soon broke under the fury of the Alleis clan and the warriors of Davin. The small army of Kingdom Warriors chased and scattered the remnant forces far away, never to be seen again in these lands. The people of the Outlands were free from the oppression of the vices and praised the Lord of The Golden Kingdom for the mighty war he had won.

Now, the gate was opened, and the Kingdom would receive all who would enter. The Kingdom warriors had fought a good fight, they were weary and tired. Slowly, they approached the gates of The Golden Kingdom. At the gate stood the Prince of Glory who spoke to them saying, “well done, my good and faithful servants. Enter into the joys of thy Lord”. One by one they stepped through the gate and into the glorious kingdom; at last, they were home.

Bob looked upon it all with wonder, all he had brought to fight with were a pencil and a sheet of paper. Maybe he could give a Dripe a paper cut. What he had to fight with seemed so feeble and insignificant compared to the others… What could he do? He was not a mighty warrior, or a leader, or even a squire. He dropped his gaze down and sadly stared at his bank paper and sharpened pencil. Then, he had an idea! He could give an Elis lead poisoning! No… That was no good. Besides, the Elis were all gone anyway, banished by the Kingdom Warriors. Then he had a good idea. He could write down the tale of the victory as a reminder of what great things the power of the King had wrought that day. 

And in some small, insignificant way, maybe he could be great too. All for the Kingdom…

The Kingdom…

Wow, I must’ve been daydreaming. Well, anyway, the work has been going very well, and like I said, we are all very worn out. But, we can see the lights of home, our eyes are fixed upon the prize, and by God’s grace we will make it there. Great will be the reward in heaven for the faithful few who took this trip in response to God’s call. Many people outside of the realm of Christianity and church have been brought to the knowledge of the gospel. We leave our work in the hands of the Holy Ghost to convict, convince, and convert these that have been touched with the Word. 

As the team looks toward America as the resting place, a place called home. Many Africans now look to Heaven as the resting place, a place called… Home.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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