It’s interesting to look back, and in that retrospect see the crossing of paths and the conjoining of them that has led to these people being in this place at this time. One such person is Dave Coram. Dave is the right hand man of my mom on the US side of Uganda missions planning. He has been instrumental in orchestrating some things for this trip. 

The interesting thing is that: Dave was not contacted by my family to help in the Uganda ministry; Dave called us. For many years he had been established in a very effective and very prominent ministry organization when God told him that he was needed elsewhere. So, he contacted my parents and asked about the possibility of joining our mission efforts in Uganda. Dave has been an invaluable member of the team in organization, coordination, professionalism, and in gathering materials and partners for the work. 

With Dave now being a co-leader of the trip and Andrew and Rachel’s moving to Uganda, there may arise the opportunity in future days to lead two trips into Uganda. With two trips, one led by Dave the other by my parents, new avenues of work and efficiency will open up. For example: one trip can be geared around construction and medical, the other can be children’s ministry and pastors conferences to mentor the men of God in Uganda. The realm of possibilities is nearly limitless. Exciting things are in store for the mission point because of the efforts of men and women following God’s call on their lives. It is just amazing to see how God brought us all together.

Caleb And The Cow:

Here is just one of those stories that people on mission trips have, about Caleb and a cow.

The Evangelism team, or team C, (plus Caleb and Josh), went to a share your faith conference out in the bush. They left work at the construction site to clean up at the hotel, and then took off on a long road trip that ended in a hike to the location of the conference. Sometime after they arrived, Caleb, who was videographer and photographer at the time, saw the others gathered in a sort of group near a tree with a cow in front of them. It looked like a great photo-op, so he snapped a few pictures, then went to join the rest of the group. 

The cow didn’t seem to mind that he was passing by, but Caleb eased himself around it anyway, disregarding the cow, which looked as though it didn’t care. The only trouble was, the cow did care, and as Caleb passed by, it swung out its head and hit him in the back of the leg with its horn. Caleb jumped back and threw his hands up to tell the others, “I’m stuck!” He couldn’t get through, the cow wouldn’t let him. So, he just waited there. He’s still there for all I know, I guess we’ll see him next year.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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