I had the opportunity to speak with my cousin Rachel a few days ago when we both had a free moment at the construction site. Rachel and her husband Andrew both came on the trip this year. Andrew and their daughter Bailey were on the trip last year and Andrew felt a call to ministry among the people. So, this year, he brought his wife, my cousin, Rachel along to learn and experience the people, the culture, and the lifestyle of Ugandans. 
Rachel and Andrew have four little girls back in the US, and are planning on moving their family to Uganda to be full-time missionaries in this country. It’s a very exciting time in their lives, and a new chapter for their family. To think, two young people, newly married and seeking God’s will for their united life, live out their days for Christ feeling the nagging of something more, something greater. They have a family and become involved in their church, all the while passing the years, restless, believing that there is something more that God has for them, but not realizing just what it is. Now they know what God’s call is for their family, and it is such an exciting time for them.

Doors have opened at every turn and God has shown them His perfect will through the struggles and trials that they have faced because of this descision to follow His plan. When I spoke with Rachel, she told me a little of how it was to be in Uganda. For her, having heard her husband speak of the country and the people and what he felt God was calling Him to do, and then feeling a call herself, even though she had never seen the country, was a strange and wonderful experience. I asked her what it was like to be experiencing Ugandan living for the first time, in light of the fact that she would be living in a very similar way in the not so far off future. This is what she said: 

“I don’t find any of it shocking. I just have an overwhelming urge to learn everything and experience it all. For the past long while, Andrew and I have felt that there was something more, and this is it… There is a feeling of completion, knowing God has called you to do something and then doing it. This is what God has called us to do, and so I am not shocked by anything, but I do want to experience everything.”

She was in tears as she spoke about that feeling of completion and wholeness. This dream, this vision of serving Christ as missionaries had been in their minds for quite some time, but the doors had never been open. Now the doors are opened wide and they are walking through them with rejoicing, praising God for His infinite wisdom and enduring faithfulness. I was touched as I saw her spirit bear witness of the call in her heart and her passion for the ministry to which her family was chosen.

How great the rejoicing of saints for the glory and the majesty of God. His thoughts are truly higher than ours, His ways higher than our ways. Great is His faithfulness. He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think. 

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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