NEWS HOST: Hello, and welcome to Allen Missions News Network. I am your host, Jared Allen. Today we’re going to talk about being prepared for the craziness in life, about being ready when the crazy kicks in. To kick off our broadcast, we’re going to go to Bob on a bus, or Bob 3 and hear about day 3 of the trip. Hey, Bob, are you there?

BOB 3: Yes, Jared I’m here, and by here I mean the Akello Hotel in Soroti, (the mission point and base of operations for the team). I am current lying in a bed at the hotel, our room went to bed early as I expect everyone else’s did. We all want to be well rested for what day four holds.Yesterday was day 3 of this mission trip and was a day of travel mostly. If any of our readers out there remember anything about the road trip last year, the new road has been completed from Kampala, (the Capitol), to Soroti. The ride was very smooth and the trip was shortened by about 2 hours. 

NEWS HOST: Well, that’s great news. So, the economy of Uganda must be growing if they can afford these little projects.

BOB 3: Well, yes and no. The exchange rate is down this year, the Ugandan currency is worth less by five hundred shillings than it was last year. On average, 1 US dollar = 3,000 UG shillings. 

NEWS HOST: So then, after you reached Soroti, what happened next?

BOB 3: Well Jared, since we made such good time getting there, we managed to squeeze in a visit to the tailor shop to get custom African clothes made for the team members. This was something we were going to do today, but it was more convenient to do it yesterday, and it eliminated the delay for our work which that stop would have been if done today. It’s all part of preparing ourselves for the work ahead.

NEWS HOST: That’s great. How do you like the team, are there any members you dislike?

BOB 3: There is not one of us who has a problem with another. We all get along so well that you never hear a complaint. Not even when we hauled all 40+ items of luggage up several flights of stairs to people’s rooms. It is as if God has woven the fabric of our hearts together for a common purpose, to help the people of Uganda.

NEWS HOST: Thanks Bob. That was Bob on a bus, reporting live at the scene of Akello. Now we turn it over to our field reporter to get a scoop on the oncoming day’s event schedule.

BOB 1: Today will be the first official ministry day for the team. To start, there will be a devotional at breakfast, then the medical team will leave for the hospital. Later the construction team will pull out for the Hope property site to begin working on the beams for the roof of the new building. The evangelism team will split and go to the hospital to talk to patients as they wait to be seen. A team ministry will take place where a gospel illustration will be given by Josh Allen, testimonies will be given by Wes Yarber and Rachel Sutton, and a sermon will be preached to these teens by pastor Mike Cash. The teen ministry is where they take street kids and give them a good meal, we do our presentation for them, and give them gospel tracks for them to read and remember what they heard that day. It is a great way to reach the young people of Uganda for Christ.

NEWS HOST: It sounds like the team has a full plate tomorrow. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having the prayers of all of you who have tuned into the show today… However, with the time zone difference, the team is currently in tomorrow. You will read this update in yesterday, and by then, they will have already completed today. Wow, that wasn’t confusing at all. Anyway, be praying for their future days of ministry, that the hearts of these people would stay strong and their eyes focused against distractions. Thanks for tuning in to the AMNN, I’m Jared Allen, and we’ll see you next time.

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