NEWS HOST: Today is another beautiful day in Uganda, let’s touch base with the Bobs to see what’s happening. Bob 3… Are you there? 

BOB 3: I’m at the hospital today, which is significantly improved since last year. With a cleaner, more sterile environment with air conditioning in the operating room, it is a much better environment for our team to be working in. 

NEWS HOST: And how is the team responding to these improvements?

BOB 3: They seem to be thriving, there is some confusion because it is the first day and everything needs to be set up, but all is going smoothly. 

NEWS HOST: Is there anything else going on where you are, Bob?

BOB 3: Yes, actually. The evangelism team, that is, the senior pastors are here sharing the gospel with patients as they wait to be seen by Dr. Yarber. The evangelism team is comprised of: David Coram, his son Dave, or David Jr., Todd Allen, and Mike Cash. Caleb, (the videographer), is here and I am his personal assistant, due to issues with the audio system and some camera equipment. Rather than doing construction as I was scheduled to do, I’m bouncing around with Caleb for probably the whole trip.

NEWS HOST: But, all is going smoothly at the hospital.

BOB 3: Yes, Jared, it is.

NEWS HOST: Fabulous, we’ll now turn the show over to our investigative journalist who is on location at the construction site today. Bob? How’s everything down there on construction?

BOB 2: I can’t talk right now, but I can tell you that I’m on the trail of something big. If I can get this story, the whole big scam can be exposed. Wait-, someone’s coming. Gotta go, bye.

NEWS HOST: ….. Thanks, Bob… Moving on, we now have Bob 1 to tell you about the Teen Ministry that happened this afternoon. 

BOB 1: Hey, Jared. The teen ministry went very well. About 75 teens were present, as well as the probation official and several members of the local police force. The event was not only for the purpose of gathering these children to share the gospel with them, but also to show them that the police are their friends. Josh Allen gave a gospel illustration, Wes Yarber gave his testimony, and Mike Cash preached the gospel to the youth.

NEWS HOST: So, you had a great turn out. That’s great. What’s left for you today now that the teen ministry is finished?

BOB 1: We head back to Hope to work construction until dinner time when the team will all meet back at Akello.

NEWS HOST: Well, that’s all for today folks, remember to be in prayer for the team as they partake in ministry in the days to come. Be sure to tune in next time. I’m Jared Allen of AMNN, thanks for reading.

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