After off boarding British Airway flight 63 to Entebbe, we set foot on African soil. I believe I now have that fire which I lacked; the landscape, the essence of African air, and the tepid warmth of the dusty moonlight must’ve sparked something inside of me.

But enough of me, you want to now about the trip. So, now we give the show over to your daily newscast.

NEWS HOST: Hi, I’m Jared Allen of Allen Ministry News Network, bringing you the latest news just hours after it is actually news. Last night there was a mild incident down at the airport- we’ll play a clip now of our field reporter, Bob, who was live at the scene.

BOB: I’m here at the airport in Entebbe, where the mission team is at the conveyer belts, wrangling all 40+ pieces of checked luggage amid a sea of, “Nope. Not ours”. They have been hard at it for about an hour now and… Wait-, they seem to have gathered all of the luggage. No, they’re counting and… Three items appear to be missing. I repeat, three items are missing. Though, it doesn’t look like anything vital did not make it, at least, no one is freaking out. Now, they’re packing it all onto carts and wheeling everything out to what appears to be a really big type-two bus and a small van. Wait-, are they going to…? They are! Breaking news, Jared: they are going to try and pack 30+ large suitcases, boxes, and duffels into the back of this van. This is crazy! There is no way this should work.

NEWS HOST: Well, that was Bob at the airport. He will keep us posted on the progress of this event and will report later on. We will now go to our investigative journalist who went undercover on the plane and asked a few questions. Hey, Bob.

BOB 2: Yes, Jared. I was on the plane for the flight from London to Uganda and discovered some interesting things.

NEWS HOST: Tell us about it.

BOB 2: Well, Jared, I asked a few of the passengers about the flight conditions to see if these so-called, “missionaries”, were on the level. Here’s what I found out when I interviewed a young member of the team, Wes Yarber.

BOB 2: So, Wes, how is the flight? I mean, you know how hard these seats are and how difficult is to sleep on them. What are your thoughts? 

WES: Zzzzzzzzzzzz…… 

BOB 2: Is that so? That’s very interesting, thanks Wes.

BOB 2: The next person I interviewed was Pam Vidrine, the nurse, (it’s always the nurse).

BOB 2: So, Pam, how is your overall experience on the flights? I know there are a lot of inconveniences that you incur on flights. What do you think of it all?

PAM: I think the flights are good. I especially enjoy the longer ones. 

BOB 2: Really? I would think the longer ones would be more trying and annoying. 

PAM: Oh, no. They are very accommodating. There are snacks in the back and drinks you can go and get any time. I’m getting plenty of rest as well. So, I would say that my overall experience was very enjoyable. 

BOB 2: Really…? That’s very interesting.

NEWS HOST: Well, they seem to legitimately have a heart for this trip.

BOB 2: You don’t read the signs as well as I do, Jared. I think I’m touching on a sore spot. You can tell how everyone was overly positive about everything, they must be hiding something.

NEWS HOST: Or, they could just be too excited about this trip to complain, or perhaps, too tired.

BOB 2: I’m telling you, Jared, it’s a conspiracy! These people aren’t in it to help others and glorify God in everything they do; they’re in it for the glory, and I’ll prove it!”

NEWS HOST: Well… That was Bob, our investigative journalist. Turn him off Roger.

BOB 2: I’ll prove it!

NEWS HOST: Ahem… We will hear more from Bob when we come back. Until next time, I’m Jared Allen of AMNN.

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