If you’re anything like me, going on a mission trip doesn’t really sink in until you’re at the airport and on your way. Suddenly, it clicks that there is no backing out, so you throw the lever back and enter into high-gear, missions mode. 
However, this year, due to lack of sleep on the plane or the nostalgia of the trip being so much like last year’s, the fact that we are going to Uganda still hasn’t sunk in quite yet. The likelihood is that it won’t sink in until we touch African soil at the end of this flight. Yes, we are on a flight to Entebbe, Uganda. 
Half of the team left from Atlanta, some from Chicago, and one from Phoenix, but we all managed to catch the London to Entebbe flight together. Now that the team is assembled, it is feeling a lot more like Christmas, (to borrow the colloquial), but the reality of the mission trip has yet to hit home for me. I know we are going, I prepared myself physically and spiritual, but that rush of excitement, that thrill of laboring for Christ, that fire in my soul that normally accompanies a mission trip is absent. 

This is a picture of the church, in terms of long-suffering. She prepares for her groom: Christ, she makes ready for his return, yet he waits. Our timing is not God’s timing. Even something as simple as receiving the charge of a mission trip, it’s not God’s timing. I’m sort of glad that I haven’t been overexcited yet about the trip, it would have spoiled my appetite and prevented me from getting what sleep I have had on the planes. 

Not being excited has helped me better prepare for the work ahead. Not only have I been rested and fed, but it has turned my focus to God. When the fire has burned down, when the coals are hot and ready but there is no wood for them to burn, we often despair and turn to God asking why. Well, maybe that’s the reason the blessings don’t fall, maybe we are fully prepared to receive them, but never asked for God to send them.

The Heavenly Father desires us to look to him in everything in life, even if it’s a routine ordeal. Even if we have done everything in our human strength to get the blessing. We can be ready for it, but at the same time be so totally unprepared. Look to God, ask Him to send down the blessing, and then go out and do the work you were made for.

We are on our way, a few more hours and we will have landed in Uganda, then everything starts and the crazy kicks in. Continue praying for us and be watching for further updates.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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