So often in this Christian culture under which we abide and live, we see a stigma of piety. We are told to give thanks and be glad, even when our hearts are heavy and our spirits laden. We hear the command to praise God in the storms of life, and we do, but is that what God desires? Does God want us to be a people of conditionary prayer and praise?

We have so much in America, and other first-world countries, that we take it for granite. We are so caught up in are own petty problems that we don’t see the problems of others. Praising God in our trials is important, and often nesseccary to get us through them. But, do we remember to also praise Him when things are going well? When life is easy, do we remember the God of the storms and the God of blessings?

When you’re on top of the world, everything is going your way, it’s easy to make an idol out of wealth, success, even happiness. It is even easier to simply forget God, and everything he brought you through to get to this place. I would say that it is easy to cry out to God for help and mercy while you’re in the thick of a storm, of a trial. But, it is a difficult thing to ask for help when the enemy is you, your pride, your sucess, your security. 

The greater the pain, the greater the praise.

 It shouldn’t take a storm to get us to glorify the Lord for what he has done. It is easy to praise Him in the storm, however, I encourage you to praise Him when life is good.

Now, you may be thinking, “that was short”, and you’d be right. I wanted to leave you with a simple thought before we embark together on a fantastic journey. The journey of which I speak will begin in a few days when my family and I board a plane to Uganda, Africa. The mission work my family and our other team members will accomplish there, will in large part be posted to this blog so that you will be informed about prayer needs and praises. 

I am the official journalist for this mission trip and hope to, for the duration of this trip, be posting in faster succession than what you have been previously used to me doing. I am excited about what God has planed for the trip and I hope you will agree to be praying for the work that will be going on in the country of Uganda. For more information you can visit my family’s website:

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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