Today is a day called yesterday. Because I am currently writing this in today, which is your yesterday, you will read this post in what will be tomorrow; yet for you it will be today. 

Have you every heard of circular reasoning? Both the answers yes and no are correct. Yes, you have heard of it. No, there is no such thing as circular reasoning. It is just a term used by people as an insult to others, but it doesn’t really mean anything at all.  

To reason is to think, to understand, to comprehend, and determine justice by process of logic.

If it was a legitimate term, the application would mean, reasoning that is complete and flawless, ever moving in a single, unending, continuous line of thought. This, is impossible. 

Controversial Statement:

To say that the universe created itself because it had to, is not circular reasoning.

Simplistic, (yet surprisingly lengthy), answer:

It is not circular reasoning because it has a difinitive starting point and ending point, neither of which can, without interference, link back to the other. If I say that the universe created itself because it had to, I am really saying that the origin of the universe is as follows:

  • There was nothing 
  • The nothing matrixed something
  • The something had to exist because it was necessary for the nothing to become something

Definitive starting point, (nothing), links abstractly and beyond all reason to definitive ending point, (something). There is no link back from the something to the nothing, it is not uncreated, nor can we repeat the so-called “cycle”, by returning to nothing without it being more than reiteration. 

What the large majority call circular reasoning is really either nonsense or something they cannot wrap their minds around: like the title of my post. So, know that what is to follow is not what some would call “circular reasoning”, but rather, a new and interesting perspective for you to take in the way you view the days you have.

To procrastinate is to put off, delay, or postpone. So, if “Yesterday” is the title of my post, how could it be a story about delaying or postponing? Is it retrospect? Surely not. Why would I choose a title so blatantly ironic just to loophole out of the topic at hand by falling on the obvious cop-out? 

Remember, I’m here to bring a different perspective to you, my readers, so whatever I write is written to help you view life differently.

Yesterday… It seems like only tomorrow when I first saw you. Come to think of it, it was tomorrow. People don’t seem to realize, but we get to see each and every yesterday long before it becomes today or even tomorrow. The choices we make in today, and the plans we make for tomorrow effect what goes on in our yesterdays.

Strange thing about yesterdays: they are always looked back upon, but never looked forward to. What we put off until tomorrow will eventually end up in our yesterdays. And it’s sad that the reminiscence of yesterday can go as far back as you can remember, and yet memories of today and tomorrow only last for one, solitary day. The things we will regret, we could prevent. 

We hold the power to change our yesterdays. To do what we don’t want to remember in yesterday that we put off until tomorrow, today. If it keeps getting delayed, it will only make your todays and yesterdays emptier and emptier.

No one ever crashes because they were looking through the windshield, but, often people crash because they were looking in the rearview mirrors. Too concerned about what has already passed, they are not aware of what is coming ahead. 

Let us remember today… Or, rather, let me remember today and let you remember tomorrow… Which is your today, to not put off until tomorrow what we could have done today. Let our todays be successful and productive, that our yesterdays would be fulfilled and we would be satisfied with how we lived out our yesterdays.

Confused yet? I hope not, or at least not so much that you missed my message. Live every day in a way that you wouldn’t mind seeing in retrospect for the rest of your life. And watch for your yesterdays coming on, plan for them before they get here, so that you will be prepared.

God’s gift of yesterday is life, history, and thanksgiving. Be thankful for the days you have, the life you’ve been given, and set an example for others to follow. As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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