It seems every new generation that comes and goes has a different definition of this thing we call, “The American Dream”. For the pilgrims who first settled this land, the dream was for religious liberty. For the pioneers who established the cities and nurtured the land, the dream was for a new start on an unexplored frontier. And for the founding fathers of America, the dream was for freedom from tyranny to raise up a nation that serves and honors God, and to establish freedom for generations to come.

But what is, “The American Dream”, today? It’s becoming all too evident that we Americans love ourselves and our possessions more than anything else. Our compassion is wasted on endangered animals and news scandal victims. Our mercy is given to those who don’t deserve it: the cruel, the manipulative, the arrogant. Our love is reserved for ourselves. We love fame, wealth, popularity, and most of all, power. We idolize the vices of our hearts, setting up graven images of our own wants and selfish desires. 

America’s true idol has become greed, the want of more than what we currently posses of both good and evil. We despise anyone who tells us what we can or cannot do. Hence, we despise God, and say that there is no God. When in reality, we wish to be gods.

The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.  
Psalm 14:1a

Studies have been made in years past concerning the heart of a man, and the suspicions have been verified. The human heart is an intelligent organ, not unlike the brain. It sends commands and signals throughout the body and possesses the ability to stimulate emotions and thoughts.

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…
Proverbs 23:7a

The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it?
Jeremiah 17:9

We control our brain and our brain controls our functions. But it is not just something that came out of a movie, this whole, “trust your heart”, thing. There is a real struggle between trusting your head and trusting your heart, and too often we trust our hearts, following them blindly wherever they lead. But our hearts are deceitful, wishing only to betray us and cause us harm. 

The heart is the essence of a man.

This sounds poetic and sweet, but in light of what man truly is, it becomes the opposite. Man is sinful, evil by nature, and his thoughts are only evil continually.

Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied. Proverbs 27:20

Our heart chooses who and what our idols are, what we worship, what we obsess over, and what we put before our God. It is a faithful saying that a man is his own worst enemy. This is why the Apostle Paul says that he dies daily, we are to die to ourselves daily, that The Holy Spirit might live in and through us. 

Am I right? Does our heart tell us only what we want to hear? Is our American idol truly ourselves and selfish desires? 
Well, what does your head tell you? It’s counsel is true and wise, so trust it preeminently. God gave us a brain that could be developed, grown, and absorbed with knowledge and wisdom. We should depend upon our brain for every major decision in our lives. For the heart is the real man, and if you are anything like me, I never want that man to make any discussion for me.

So, think with your head, not with your heart. Make idols of nothing carnal, it is fleeting and meaningless. Rather, serve God, love Him with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength. 

As always, thanks for reading and be looking for future posts.

–the anonymous novelist

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