The truth; it can hurt at times because it convicts us. Chastisement is the belt of God. Spiritual chastisement can be paralleled to what the previous generation would call “spankings”. 

We have sought to disavow and discredit the physical forms of correction and warranted penance for wrongs, and that action has brought about the rebellious, gangster/criminal generation we see today. 

Pain is a natural punishment for stupidity and the most effective discipline for disobedience. 

A young child will only crawl down the steps head first once. Then, discovering it hurts, he/she will try a different way, never intentionally taking the steps head first again. The pain that comes from the action of crawling down the steps head first, or rather, falling as a result of crawling down steps head first, will burn into that young child’s mind an association between both crawling down steps head first and pain. The child will, in the future, take the smarter route of going down legs first and be better for it.

Just as our actions early on in life bring pain, and by pain, wisdom to avoid the same mistakes in the future, so should we train our children and also live our lives as adults. If something we do is stupid, we should feel some sort of pain as a result of either the action itself or a punishment after the fact. The pain triggers our memory and we will avoid pitfalls of the same type in the future and live better, more productive lives.

If the young criminals we have today had been raised with the knowledge that disobedience will hurt, (either physically or emotionally), they would not have done the things they did, or they would at least have had the chance to contemplate the results of their actions beforehand.

This post was aptly named, not only for its theme, but also its message. The message that the government is not responsible for raising your children, the Church is not responsible for raising your children, God is not responsible for raising your children, you are. And if parents are afraid to physically punish their children because someone else said that it will, “squelch their personality”, or, “scar them for life”, who are they believing?

Proverbs 22:15
Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.

That’s what God said. Now, I’m not saying beat your kids, but I am saying discipline them. I’m 19, so in a very real sense, I am still a child, I am still under the authority of my father while I am living in his house. So, coming from me, one who is still able to be disciplined in such ways, (under God’s law), this message should mean a little bit more.

For all of you readers who don’t have kids, people like myself, take note of the ways your parents taught you when you were a child. You learned, as it were, “the hard way”, that life is pain, and pain teaches us valuable lessons. Also, I would tell you to continue to live by the principal of natural discipline and realize that if it is stupid, it should, can, and most likely will hurt. 

I hope this was helpful, or at the very least, amusing. As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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