This post is a bit of a breakaway for me. I don’t normally post autobiographical content, but I feel I owe it to you to explain a little about my life.

Recently, my sister was joined in marriage to a man named Robin Chartier. You may ask, “How did she find someone to marry when she lived on a bus?” I actually don’t have a good answer to that, other than God worked it out. 

They met at his brother’s wedding. Let’s stop right there for a second. First of all, I would hardly consider a wedding the best place to meet a young woman, though I do suppose they are all looking their best. Perhaps that is why Robin was so attracted to her; he saw her at her prettiest outwardly, but spent some time with her and saw her at her prettiest inwardly. It was more than just appearance that drew him to her, and eventually her to him. But, I suppose the fact that they were both uncommonly short did help; and after discovering their mutual hatred for cats, they knew they were perfect together. I’m ending this paragraph before it gets too sappy.

Up until she got married, my sister was traveling with the family full time. This, her being absent from the home and the ministry for a while has been both a difficult concept to process and a difficult process to acclimate to. 

When you live on a bus full-time, you are either very close to your siblings, (both emotionally and physically), or you kill each other. This type of relationship is one that takes years to develop, and a very great distance indeed to break. Though, this transitional phase of moving on will take some getting used to, it won’t last forever.

In addition to my sister’s marriage, another exciting thing is soon to happen for me and my family. This June, at the end of the month and into the beginning of the next, a team of 24 people will be going on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa. Nine of the twenty four will be myself and my family, as we host these annual trips. 

The work God has begun in Uganda is incredible, from bringing in water filtration systems, to street preaching, to teaching pastors to teach their churches, to school and prison ministries, to constructing an orphanage, God has used our ministry in mighty ways to bring a powerful change in that country of Africa. Be in prayer for us as we continue to raise money for the efforts there so we can make an even greater difference in the lives of people in Uganda.

I hope you enjoyed this slight divergent from my normal blogging style. If so, please leave a comment and let me know. If you’d like to see more content of this kind, or perhaps a bit of travel journaling, comment on this post. As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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