Any of you readers who have consistently read my blog are likely wondering why I call it, “the anonymous novelist”. There is a simple answer to that. If you know me, (or perhaps have read my “About” page), you know that I live on a bus, traveling and singing with my family. Everyone who knows me, knows me as a singer, not a writer. So, if I were to publish a book, people in my realm of popularity would purchase it because they liked me as a singer and young man, and not on its own merit. In this way, I will ever be known as a singer who writes, but never a writer who sings. It is almost as if I am writing anonymously. I’m playing two roles at once, one of a writer and one of a singer, but which one will win out.

Life is one big RPG, (Role Play Game), the choices we make are real, but who we are changes. God built humans as intelligent creatures and gave them a choice: good or evil. Since creation, humans have built choices into everything; everyone must be free to choose in everything. The crazy thing about this world is, people invented such horrors as divorce, abortion and homosexuality and billed them as choices…alternatives. They said that everyone was free to choose for themselves, that it’s your life and no one should be able to tell you how to live it. These are fine arguements, but they didn’t stop there. These people then tried to tell us that in the case of people who get a divorce, they had no choice, they were incompatible, there was nothing to be done because they were engineered differently.

The arguements that, “You couldn’t help it”, or “Were born that way”, are not valid. To use them is to admit that you do not have a free choice, or a free-will, and there is always a choice. Not even Jesus could say that he had no choice. He could call 10,000 angels to carry Him to heaven, or He could suffer and die for the sins of the world. He is our perfect example, and He had to make many choices in His life. 

Where there is choice, there is no excuse.

I think that this is the biggest reason we are hearing arguments today that people had no choice, or were born a certain way, or couldn’t help it. Those are excuses, ways to try and sidestep responsibility for actions and waive guilt. No one wants to admit that they are sinning, or have sinned. Pride and guilt keep us from being honest, so we make excuses. I’m talking about everyone, not just the most high profile cop-outs and excuse-makers. We are all guilty of trying to get out of the trouble we know that we’re in, but just avoiding the “blame spotlight” won’t save us from the consequences of our choices.

Life is like a giant RPG. The choices you make, are what make you. Who will you be?

–the anonymous novelist

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