Men! Be men! There is an evil deception blurring our reality in this current age. There is a melting of morals and a knife piercing the heart of truth. Men are men, and women are women. That is God’s truth. There is nothing and no one that can change that fact. 

God made men and women uniquely different and gave them to each other for a specific purpose. God’s plan will not work with two men, or two women. Just the thought of it makes me sick. Though God’s plan will not work with anything other than 1 man and 1 woman, Satan’s perversion will work perfectly.

The Hell-like place that this earth has become is all because of Satan’s deception and our free will. Think about it, Satan wants to feel at home just as much as the next guy, and his home is everlasting torment. The world today is but a taste of what Hell will be like, evil, pure evil reigning supreme in eternal death.

Being that God has given us a free will, a mind to make choices on our own, we are responsible for our actions. There is no argument that says you were born with different inclinations. No, you are responsible for the choices you make. Homosexuality is not a lifestyle; sin is the lifestyle; homosexuality is the sin. 

A mainline denomination is now doing marriage services for homosexuals, and allowing their pastors to be homosexual. 

When we take a step away from God’s plan for the church, by allowing women into the pulpit or the sheep to rule over the shepherd, we are taking a step towards destruction. The problem in each of these situations is that men have ceased to be men. Women have done their duty and took over when we fell back, and that is permissible in God’s eyes. But, the men falling back is not permissible. We have stopped being the men in our relationships, in our spiritual duty, and in our own homes. We have allowed Satan to distort the definition of “family”. When the family is no longer a dad, mom, and kids, we have lost something, something vitally important.

The devil has a hold on the world today, a choke hold, and he won’t let go easily. He has worked hard to get us where we are, in this wretched deception, and we are blinded by the lies that inclusivity means, “for everyone”, and tolerance means, “for everything”. Those who use the words mean them as inclusivity for their sin and not for your truth. They mean tolerance for their ideas, and not for the ideas they do not wish to hear.

May God forgive us. May we throw off these chains of deception, lies, and disguises. May we rise to become men and women again. 

–the anonymous novelist

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