Odd name for a blog post, right? Well, this is an odd blog post, so it fits. In fact, most of my posts may be outside of the “norm” for blogs, and that may just be the result of my perspective.

Perspective isn’t a bad thing. It is not a disadvantage or a fault. Perspective is the vantage point from which you view life. Some people have ringside seats and can see only what is in front of them. Others may be in the bleachers, able to survey what is a far distance off, but not very clearly. And yet, God has the greatest seat of all, he has a better view than even the guy in the Goodyear blimp. 

Most people share the same perspective, which is not a good thing. Here’s why: every thing we take in, be it movies, music, books, or news, everything is pushing its own agenda and promoting its own worldview, or perspective. Some of these sources have honest and good intentions, but many do not. It is Satan’s 1st priority, to alter the way we look at things. Because if he can flip our perspective 180° he will have turned our world upside down. If he can successfully flip the majority perspective on its head, there is no more right and wrong, there are no absolutes, no truth.

Christians, by nature and because of the Holy Spirit, have a different perspective. Christians see the world as God sees it. Not falling for the dissolution that Satan is using to try and change their outlook on life.

People who travel a lot, also have a different viewpoint, their’s being altered by what they’ve seen, where they’ve been, and what they’ve experienced. I am a Christian, and I travel a lot, so I have a rather strange perspective.

Whereas you may see a guy eating a hamburger, I see a man eating cow. Wait for it. Wait for it… When you go to get your breakfast, you may take out a spoon, but I say that you are taking out a cereal killer. Were you to look at the 45ft long metal rectangle on wheels that I live in, you would probably see a bus, but I would see a home. It’s all in the perspective. 

My perspective, I like to think of as a hybrid between conservative, Christian homeschooler and manic-depressive, episcopalian circuit rider. I see things a little differently than most. It comes with living on a bus, and I’m sure has something to do with having 7 siblings sharing my room.

But the fact that there is an attack on perspective is indisputable. Everywhere you look there is something telling you that the lines have blurred and that right and wrong have become relative terms. The world is changing, but is it for the better? I suppose the only way to find out, is to look at life from a different perspective.

–the anonymous novelist

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